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The Elemotions Oracle: FIRST Edition | Indie Deck | Story Cards | Tarot & Oracle | Meditation Cards

The Elemotions Oracle: FIRST Edition | Indie Deck | Story Cards | Tarot & Oracle | Meditation Cards

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Dive into the Mystical Realm of the Elemotions....

✸ The Elemotions Oracle Deck Indie Edition. ✸
First edition. Limited copies printed.

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✷ Introducing the captivating 82 card mesmerizing tarot deck, a true masterpiece that will transport you to a realm of enchantment and inspiration. With its vibrant colors and diverse mystical characters, this deck is designed to ignite your imagination and unlock the depths of your creativity.

✷ Crafted for writers, creators, coaches, and screenwriters, this deck serves as a powerful tool to enhance your mind and delve into the realms of possibility. Each card holds a story waiting to be told, a message waiting to be discovered, and a world waiting to be explored.

✷ Immerse yourself in the rich symbolism and profound wisdom that this tarot deck offers. Let the cards guide you on a journey of self-discovery, providing insights and clarity to navigate the twists and turns of life.

✷ Whether you seek inspiration for your next novel, guidance for your creative projects, or a deeper understanding of your own psyche, this mesmerizing gem is your trusted companion. Unleash your inner creativity and unlock the secrets of the universe with this extraordinary orchestration of art.

Water: CUPS 


Fire: WANDS 


There are no *bad* cards in this deck. Choose and create your stories in the manner that uplifts your and* your clients. These cards are like no other; vibe with your art, Reflect and Begin!
4-7 US | 5-21 DAYS International.

Dive into the mystical realm of the Elemotions.....
Ready to write your own story?


*Thank you for supporting my small art biz!*

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